Anonymous asks: How are you today?

im doing ok!! i wasnt feeling so well the past few days but im better now!! how are you dear?;;

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Reblog if your inbox is lonely and needs anons
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walking in a crowded hallway like


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Anonymous asks: Are you slowly leaving the angel fandom? It feels like you're becoming more of a starlight

i’ll always be an angel teen top will always be my number one

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whdgus1004 asks: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity. (sorry for bothering you with this;; do it only if you wanna!! ♥)

um i have a really good gpa((4.0 holla))
im tied for rank 1 in my class so i guess that’s good
my taste in music is great
my eyes look kind of pretty sometimes idk they’re just rly brown
and uhh is there anything else good abt me i kind of write good?? like im okay at it

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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